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What is street style?

Shauna Jackson-Jayne2 Comments

Part I…

“What is Street Style?” is a multipart post that explores the meaning, roots, and evolution of street style. Through opinion and the unequivocal truth that is provided to us through our camera lenses we will venture out into the world to bring you what’s new, old, and possibly coming back (fingers crossed)...

Have you ever heard the term “off-duty look” in reference to supermodels or celebrities? That is essentially a cliff notes version for what the less genetically fortunate beings such as us call, street style.

Whether the cause of corporate dress codes, unimaginative bosses and work environments or the lack of motivation to look stunning while being drowned out by cheap florescent lighting. Many of us during our work weeks are stuck in the habitual, personality binding uniforms that seriously lack individuality and style… But, once free from the 9 to 5 chains, we have the possibility to change into something a bit more comfortable and unique to our taste. Something a little more us, a little more real, a little more CHIC. This is how I interpret street style. The pieces you feel your most comfortable, confident and gravitate towards when shopping are the pieces that make up your street style.

Often times, you see fashion bloggers and fashion influencers wearing fresh off the runway pieces while dining at their favorite restaurant, brunching on avocado toast. These images are absolutely gorgeous and fun to look at, but let's be honest with ourselves...that’s not real life! When was the last time you hit Sunday brunch with the ladies looking like a Bond girl? And who wants too? Well maybe if you’re SJP… And on the flip side let's not over qualify yoga pants and Uggs. Street style like I said before is about comfort, but not comfort that ignores a little bit of proper care, styling and chicness.

Street Style offers a chance to explore your own style comfortably and usually without needing to venture to far out of your own closet. Exploring how you look and feel is at it’s heart. As the fashion world evolves and high end fashion begins to embrace the raw, the casual and the athletic the limits of street style have stretched. Not only that does that make high fashion more accessible it makes our favorite outfits more acceptable.

Stay tuned for Part II as we continue to examine street style...