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Shauna Jackson-JayneComment

Thanks so much for your patience! I know if you're reading this you're probably like, "what took her so long....geez?!" LIFE!!! I've been so busy playing Mom, Wife, Daughter, etc. that I haven't had much time to get back to focusing on my one true passion!

So, what's the reason for this website? It's an outlet for me to share all the little tips, tricks and finds I come across...or encounter ;-) so we can all live a chic life together! My theory is that your personal style doesn't just stop at what you're wearing, it's also about what you choose to surround yourself with....I choose chic! This website will be exactly that. A place that you can come to for style inspo, check out what's new and hot, and of course shop! I will feature a focus on street style and a mix of high and low pieces, because I believe great style can be achieved at ANY budget. So sit back, relax and pour yourself a glass....thanks so much for stopping by!

xo EE