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All Hallows’ Eve(tte) Favs

Shauna Jackson-JayneComment

If you knew me, you would know it’s far from a secret that I have a, some would say, strange obsession with all things spooky…gory…creepy, demonic, ghostly, obscene, on and on and on.

Judgement free zone please!

When the air gets a little crisp and October rolls around, I always get giddy with excitement, because of course Halloween is my favorite holiday! This is probably one of the most unflattering holidays for our wardrobe,but it’s also a time to have some fun. So let’s venture into that space between lingerie and a bed sheet with eye holes. I've gathered together some of my favorite Halloween inspired pieces to fit into your wardrobe. They will get you in the macabre spirit *pun intended* without making you look like a complete joke! And of course keeping you look as chic as the night allows.

xo EE