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Major Key Pieces For ANY Street Style Wardrobe

Shauna Jackson-JayneComment

Whether your street style is classic, casual, edgy, feminine, avant garde, or a mix of it all, there are a few key pieces you MUST have in order to properly nail those looks!

1 - Denim Button Down - This can be a denim button down of any shape, style, fabric or pattern. This piece gives an amazingly easy-going and effortless vibe to any street style look and is insanely easy to upkeep. Plus, when you find the one meant for you, it can last forever!

2 - ‘Leather’ Jacket - Preferably faux… Animal Lover here! A leather Jacket acts as both the base of the outfit and the “cherry on top”. Depending on your look, a leather jacket can be the perfect add on. It can give some edge if you’re rocking a basic tee and jeans or it can give a feminine look that final punch it sometimes needs. To get the most utility out of a leather jacket keep your eye out for black… Plus there’s not many pieces more chic than a black leather jacket. Fact!

3 - Crossbody Bag - Big or small, slouchy or structured, crossbody bags all have one thing in common...that handy little strap! When you’re strolling the streets on an off day, the last thing you want to worry about is holding or keeping tabs on anything, this is where the crossbody comes in handy! Toss that bad boy over your head and you are good to go!

4 - Mid/High Rise Skinny Jeans - Many women are so over the skinny jeans movement but let me tell you why they have to be a staple in your street style wardrobe. Skinny jeans are an amazing base for creating any look. Any woman of any size will look good in them when they are paired with the proper pieces...trust me. A floral blouse and a pair of nude pumps are a great, easy combo for a chic feminine look. A button down and ballet flats give off that classic, casual vibe. Lastly, a v-neck tee, jacket and pair of booties will turn that same pair of jeans into an edgy, street ready look.

The details you want to look for when purchasing are a darker wash (flattering for every shape), and mid to high rise. The rise makes a HUGE difference when it comes to comfort and fit. Many of us feel we cannot get away with a skinny jeans because of the fear of a muffin top...mid or high rise jeans take care of that for you! There are many companies now that have designed skinny jeans that “sculpt”. I’ve tried them and they are life changing...pinkie swear!

5 - Ivory & Black Striped Top - An ivory and black striped top is a necessity for any weekend wardrobe. Like many of the pieces mentioned above, this piece is versatile. You can get a ton of use and an infinite amount of outfits out of this one piece. A striped top can both effortlessly blend into an outfit full of basics and can easily compliment an outfit with other patterns. You probably have a million different striped tops but I say ivory and black for these reasons. First, as base color, ivory provides a clean foundation for the black stripes. Second, the color combination is not too harsh and makes enough of a statement to show people you know what you're doing!

Let these pieces be the foundation to your off-duty wardrobe and you’re bound to turn heads!

xo EE