Evette Encounters

effortlessly chic street style


Shauna Jackson-JayneComment

When I received my monthly newsletter for the Seattle Art Museum earlier this year, I quickly flipped through it just to see what was on its way. Could you imagine the excitement I felt when I saw the Yves Saint Laurent exhibit was coming to the SAM. To me, there is no better expression of art than clothing. YSL is hands down one of the most classic, iconic fashion houses in the world. While YSL is known for its stunning haute couture designs, it has also made a fairly huge impression on today’s ready to wear, dare I say street style, world of fashion. Anyone who can put a tux on a woman and make it look so damn effortless, I bow down to.

I attended the exhibition early morning, opening week and have to admit I kind of, felt those first date butterflies while going up the escalator. I soon saw why. 55 years of bold creative genius was all on one floor. From the iconic Modrian shift dress to the very first women's tuxedo, he has without a doubt covered everything from the epitome of femininity to the controversial androgynous.

Yve’s was not like many designers in his day. All of Saint Laurent’s pieces have been inspired by art, cinema, music and women. An introvert, he literally fed off of his surroundings and used that to create. And for that, I thank him.

If you are a lover of fashion, history, and/or art I definitely recommend shelling out the $24.95 for this exhibit. You will not regret it one bit.