Evette Encounters

effortlessly chic street style

Evette Encounters is a long time in the making. It’s been a years long project that has seen many changes and taken many forms. From conception, the main goal has always been the same. To be a place that helps ANYONE live their chicest life possible.

3 years ago we started looking at how to best achieve our goal. A blog was launched, then wasn’t. A site was launched, then wasn’t. All the while the passion and eye for fashion was constantly running full speed. While searching for a focus and direction we realized over the years we were already naturally developing a style of our own. Our eyes finally opened to the fact that we were street style lovers and creators, and our journey of finding the vision and focus was complete. The result of that journey has created Evette Encounters.

Evette Encounters is about sharing. Sharing what we encounter from the world of fashion, design and life in general. We will share those encounters with you and provide a place for you to shop those encounters while providing as much or as little help and support you need.

Our online shop will always be stocked with chic street style basics that fit your everyday life, accessories that compliment your style, and lifestyle items that fill your spaces and surround you with the same chic style you chose to put on every morning.