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Posh Party LIVE Seattle!

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Hey babes! We’re honored to be Closet Consultants of the ‘Posh Party LIVE Seattle!’ If you’re a Seattle area babe come have a drink, chat fashion and get some tips and tricks on how to amp up your closet game! We can’t wait to see you there!

WHEN: Jan 25th 6-9pm

WHERE: The Nest @ Thompson Seattle 110 Stewart St, Seattle, WA 98101

*Tickets are available for purchase on Eventbrite*




Let's Chat

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Hey guys! Sorry I've been MIA..this Summer has been insane and tbh Poshmark has taken over almost ALL my "free" time. But, I will be back soon! In the meantime, let me know if you need any styling advice or just want to chat! xoEE

Evergreen State of Mind

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As Summer is coming to a close and all of us fashionistas begin to gear up for our favorite layering season, I can't help but notice that I keep getting drawn to this insanely gorgeous hue...evergreen! I've recently spotted some STUNNING vintage gold and tassel earrings and had to have them for the boutique! When I spot an item thats easy on the eyes, I instantly start thinking of what new outfits I can create with them. Take a peek at whats going on in this boggled mind of mine and let me know which outfit is your fave! xxEE

Laced Up

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For centuries women have worn body shapers in order to look more appealing to the opposite sex. Recently, Kim Kardashian whose entire presence exudes sexiness, has been openly wearing corsets and waist trainers as part of her street style. Her styles have been hit or miss, but the fun and allure of this new trend is on display and has created a fun trend that I for one will be trying.

A corset has an air of femininity and a juxtaposition of bad-assery to it! It’s the new “bedroom-to-street” trend just as silk and lace camis have come and gone. But there’s a huge difference in those two, a corset or corsetted belt looks good on ANYONE. I myself, struggled with the slip dress trend as I found it to be so damn pretty and romantic but it’s not very practical. Silk is a fabric that shows every lump, bump and curve and I just never felt comfortable in it.

I love the ease and accessibility this corset trend has created. It’s one simple piece but makes a huge impact on your ensemble. I’ve scoured the web for affordable options for this flattering trend. Let me know what you think!

xo EE

Bodysuit Basics

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It’s no secret that trends are in constant rotation and a bodysuits is indeed one of them. Thanks to the Kardashian sisters, these are once again a staple in our closets. These babies keep the fuss out of your day and ensemble, no more tucking in and no more bulkage… BYYYYYEEEE!

When looking for a bodysuit, you want to keep your eye out for details such as fabric, panty-line cut, and closures. Naturally, a thong cut is the most versatile, but believe me, there are some full-bottom competitors out there! The key to getting the perfect bodysuit is simply trial and error… I know, ugh so annoying, but once you slip into the one you love, you’ll never want to take it off!

xo EE

Wrap Up In Style

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I LOVE a good scarf! Not only do they keep you warm and provide you with a sense of security when you’re braving those cold streets, they are also so damn cute! They come in every possible texture, shape, and color. A scarf can instantly and completely change the look you’re going for. This makes it an easy piece to add chic, effortless style to your outfit. For the past couple years, I have been majorly obsessing over the both blanket scarf and extra long scarf trends. After all, more is MORE! I prefer the look of luxe fabric over the look of scarcity. There is nothing worst that a scarf lacking in substance! Ewww.

As you can see by now, the passion is real! I have selected some scarves that need to be worn! Let me know what you think!

xo EE



Currently Obsessed

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Lately, flannels, mid-high rise skinnies and block heeled ankle booties have been my go-to's in this chilly PNW weather. Throw on an anorak (military green maybe!) and a cozy scarf and you are ready for whatever the weekend may bring your way! I've gathered a few picks from one of my favorite street chic stores, Madewell. Hope you like them!

xo EE


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I have to admit, I was a little late jumping on the athleisure bandwagon. Not because I didn’t like the aesthetic, I just had a hard time mixing my day to day chic pieces with my athletic wear. I love the idea of dressing for comfort as well as style. Hello fellow Mama’s! Although we can’t all look like Gigi Hadid… damn genetics! We can still achieve the same look with little to no effort. Here are a few things I’m absolutely obsessing over that will add definite style to your athleisure look!

xo EE


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When I received my monthly newsletter for the Seattle Art Museum earlier this year, I quickly flipped through it just to see what was on its way. Could you imagine the excitement I felt when I saw the Yves Saint Laurent exhibit was coming to the SAM. To me, there is no better expression of art than clothing. YSL is hands down one of the most classic, iconic fashion houses in the world. While YSL is known for its stunning haute couture designs, it has also made a fairly huge impression on today’s ready to wear, dare I say street style, world of fashion. Anyone who can put a tux on a woman and make it look so damn effortless, I bow down to.

I attended the exhibition early morning, opening week and have to admit I kind of, felt those first date butterflies while going up the escalator. I soon saw why. 55 years of bold creative genius was all on one floor. From the iconic Modrian shift dress to the very first women's tuxedo, he has without a doubt covered everything from the epitome of femininity to the controversial androgynous.

Yve’s was not like many designers in his day. All of Saint Laurent’s pieces have been inspired by art, cinema, music and women. An introvert, he literally fed off of his surroundings and used that to create. And for that, I thank him.

If you are a lover of fashion, history, and/or art I definitely recommend shelling out the $24.95 for this exhibit. You will not regret it one bit.

Major Key Pieces For ANY Street Style Wardrobe

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Whether your street style is classic, casual, edgy, feminine, avant garde, or a mix of it all, there are a few key pieces you MUST have in order to properly nail those looks!

1 - Denim Button Down - This can be a denim button down of any shape, style, fabric or pattern. This piece gives an amazingly easy-going and effortless vibe to any street style look and is insanely easy to upkeep. Plus, when you find the one meant for you, it can last forever!

2 - ‘Leather’ Jacket - Preferably faux… Animal Lover here! A leather Jacket acts as both the base of the outfit and the “cherry on top”. Depending on your look, a leather jacket can be the perfect add on. It can give some edge if you’re rocking a basic tee and jeans or it can give a feminine look that final punch it sometimes needs. To get the most utility out of a leather jacket keep your eye out for black… Plus there’s not many pieces more chic than a black leather jacket. Fact!

3 - Crossbody Bag - Big or small, slouchy or structured, crossbody bags all have one thing in common...that handy little strap! When you’re strolling the streets on an off day, the last thing you want to worry about is holding or keeping tabs on anything, this is where the crossbody comes in handy! Toss that bad boy over your head and you are good to go!

4 - Mid/High Rise Skinny Jeans - Many women are so over the skinny jeans movement but let me tell you why they have to be a staple in your street style wardrobe. Skinny jeans are an amazing base for creating any look. Any woman of any size will look good in them when they are paired with the proper pieces...trust me. A floral blouse and a pair of nude pumps are a great, easy combo for a chic feminine look. A button down and ballet flats give off that classic, casual vibe. Lastly, a v-neck tee, jacket and pair of booties will turn that same pair of jeans into an edgy, street ready look.

The details you want to look for when purchasing are a darker wash (flattering for every shape), and mid to high rise. The rise makes a HUGE difference when it comes to comfort and fit. Many of us feel we cannot get away with a skinny jeans because of the fear of a muffin top...mid or high rise jeans take care of that for you! There are many companies now that have designed skinny jeans that “sculpt”. I’ve tried them and they are life changing...pinkie swear!

5 - Ivory & Black Striped Top - An ivory and black striped top is a necessity for any weekend wardrobe. Like many of the pieces mentioned above, this piece is versatile. You can get a ton of use and an infinite amount of outfits out of this one piece. A striped top can both effortlessly blend into an outfit full of basics and can easily compliment an outfit with other patterns. You probably have a million different striped tops but I say ivory and black for these reasons. First, as base color, ivory provides a clean foundation for the black stripes. Second, the color combination is not too harsh and makes enough of a statement to show people you know what you're doing!

Let these pieces be the foundation to your off-duty wardrobe and you’re bound to turn heads!

xo EE

Weekend Getaway Essentials

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My husband and I rarely get to travel because of our demanding schedules, so we often partake in staycations or weekend getaways. I love a quick getaway because much like Dorothy, there is no place like home. These stunted vacations allow me to have a quick breather without the hassle of childcare arrangements, packing, and the anxiety of forgetting something (yes I’m one of those).  

Although I take  over packing to a new level, for some reason I’ve managed weekend packing down to a science. There are a few must haves that are making it into my weekender no matter what and I’ve compiled that list just for you!

My mother-in-law has taught me the importance of a scarf. I now wear them faithfully for two reasons, cover my “wind hole” (eastern medicine reference) AND they are just so damn chic! It doesn’t hurt that they also make for a good throw in a pinch! You never know when it’s going to get chilly on that ride through the mountains!

As you read along, you’ll notice there's a theme here...comfort! The last thing you want to be worried about it how you're feeling in your clothes! A cardigan is a fab piece for layering on those chilly nights, both in the mountains or desert. A comfy cardigan will go well with both black leggings and dark denim...this is where the science happens!!

Spills, spills, spills! If you’re like me, the universe is somehow drawn to make a mess all over you! So a pair of dark jeans are a lifesaver! They also look chic with anything from a t-shirt to a silk blouse, dress up or down, you can’t lose with a dark denim!

By now, every girl has a pair of Chelsea booties and wears them AT LEAST twice a week...Right? This is why you have to make them a weekend getaway staple. Because as you know, they are the perfect shoe for comfort and chicness... Yes I'm making that a word. They take a second to throw on over a pair of cozy socks, another must have, and turn your outfit up instantly!

It doesn't matter what vacation it is, you're bound to over indulge a little so black leggings will be your savior! They are the hangover proof piece! Throw a chic tunic on and a (Chelsea) bootie, or a pair of sneakers and a chambray top...done!

Your staycation or weekend getaway basics now complete, build the rest of your wardrobe around these and you're golden! All these pieces are so easy going, effortless and dare I say chic!

xo EE

All Hallows’ Eve(tte) Favs

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If you knew me, you would know it’s far from a secret that I have a, some would say, strange obsession with all things spooky…gory…creepy, demonic, ghostly, obscene, on and on and on.

Judgement free zone please!

When the air gets a little crisp and October rolls around, I always get giddy with excitement, because of course Halloween is my favorite holiday! This is probably one of the most unflattering holidays for our wardrobe,but it’s also a time to have some fun. So let’s venture into that space between lingerie and a bed sheet with eye holes. I've gathered together some of my favorite Halloween inspired pieces to fit into your wardrobe. They will get you in the macabre spirit *pun intended* without making you look like a complete joke! And of course keeping you look as chic as the night allows.

xo EE


Discover the BEST Shopping App Available

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If you haven't heard of Poshmark, stop what you're doing and download the app immediately! According to the website, "Poshmark is the leading fashion destination where people come together to buy and sell clothing and accessories from each other. We have built a community where our members can buy and sell with confidence and ease." That is just the beginning! I first fell in love with Poshmark in 2013 when I decided that my closet could use some major cleaning. I listed several pairs of shoes, handbags and designer jeans and within a week or two I was shipping them off to their new found homes!

Poshmark makes it super easy to shop without the usual worries of online shopping. They provide a ton of info on refund policies and purchasing questions. Posh Protect refunds money if your item doesn't arrive or doesn't match the listing, Posh Concierge services automatically authenticate large purchasing prior to releasing payments… Oh and shipping is breeze! Shipping prices are built right into the sale and poshmark sends you the prepaid shipping label for you to print out at home.

My favorite feature is that when you sell items on Poshmark, the funds or "credits" can either be deposited into the bank account of your choice or it can remain on your Posh account for future Posh purchases....how amazing is that! Have an eye on a Rebecca Minkoff bag but can't quite shell out the dough for it? Poshmark can help! List that sundress your wore to your cousins grad party last year and you are on your way to cradling that bag in no time!

It took me a while but I eventually caught the Posh bug and cannot live without it. Poshmark now offers boutique shopping! Where creative, entrepreneurial women like myself can display and sell New With Tags (NWT) retail items.

Poshmark is also a great meeting place to exchange ideas and share unique finds with other men and women. Social media plus online shopping and selling....to me, Poshmark is a millennial’s heaven sent!

If you haven't already, sign up and check out my closet (@eve_encounters). Use code 'BICUC' during sign up and get $5 credit..you're welcome!

xo EE


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Hail the best of all seasons FALL! Where all closed toed shoes hibernate! If you take a peek into my closet, you'll see that my shoe game is somewhat cohesive in the fact that, as you all know I LOVE neutrals, especially black, and booties booties booties you will find galore! I don't know when I first fell for the now most popular shoe style, but I'm so glad I did. Crazy to say that a simple bootie can completely transform the look you are going for. Yes even if they are both black, they are not all created equal. A peep toed bootie gives out a more flirty vibe whereas a closed rounded toe can be super casual. My recent personal favorites are a low stacked heel with an almond toe. This look is incredibly versatile and oh so chic. I've compiled a list of the my current favorite Fall booties every woman should own. I know it seems like a lot but trust me, it's so necessary for any chic street style!

xo EE

What is street style?

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Part I…

“What is Street Style?” is a multipart post that explores the meaning, roots, and evolution of street style. Through opinion and the unequivocal truth that is provided to us through our camera lenses we will venture out into the world to bring you what’s new, old, and possibly coming back (fingers crossed)...

Have you ever heard the term “off-duty look” in reference to supermodels or celebrities? That is essentially a cliff notes version for what the less genetically fortunate beings such as us call, street style.

Whether the cause of corporate dress codes, unimaginative bosses and work environments or the lack of motivation to look stunning while being drowned out by cheap florescent lighting. Many of us during our work weeks are stuck in the habitual, personality binding uniforms that seriously lack individuality and style… But, once free from the 9 to 5 chains, we have the possibility to change into something a bit more comfortable and unique to our taste. Something a little more us, a little more real, a little more CHIC. This is how I interpret street style. The pieces you feel your most comfortable, confident and gravitate towards when shopping are the pieces that make up your street style.

Often times, you see fashion bloggers and fashion influencers wearing fresh off the runway pieces while dining at their favorite restaurant, brunching on avocado toast. These images are absolutely gorgeous and fun to look at, but let's be honest with ourselves...that’s not real life! When was the last time you hit Sunday brunch with the ladies looking like a Bond girl? And who wants too? Well maybe if you’re SJP… And on the flip side let's not over qualify yoga pants and Uggs. Street style like I said before is about comfort, but not comfort that ignores a little bit of proper care, styling and chicness.

Street Style offers a chance to explore your own style comfortably and usually without needing to venture to far out of your own closet. Exploring how you look and feel is at it’s heart. As the fashion world evolves and high end fashion begins to embrace the raw, the casual and the athletic the limits of street style have stretched. Not only that does that make high fashion more accessible it makes our favorite outfits more acceptable.

Stay tuned for Part II as we continue to examine street style...



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Thanks so much for your patience! I know if you're reading this you're probably like, "what took her so long....geez?!" LIFE!!! I've been so busy playing Mom, Wife, Daughter, etc. that I haven't had much time to get back to focusing on my one true passion!

So, what's the reason for this website? It's an outlet for me to share all the little tips, tricks and finds I come across...or encounter ;-) so we can all live a chic life together! My theory is that your personal style doesn't just stop at what you're wearing, it's also about what you choose to surround yourself with....I choose chic! This website will be exactly that. A place that you can come to for style inspo, check out what's new and hot, and of course shop! I will feature a focus on street style and a mix of high and low pieces, because I believe great style can be achieved at ANY budget. So sit back, relax and pour yourself a glass....thanks so much for stopping by!

xo EE